Our Services

FUTURIS provides the client with comprehensive executive search, permanent, contract and temporary placement services through our team of dedicated and professional staff who are effective and responsible to ensure prompt results.

With FUTURIS as your partner, you can be confident that your staffing needs will be met allowing you to focus on your core business.

With constant increase in the scale of operation, FUTURIS becomes an efficient resource partner offering staffing solution – facilitating the Organization to acquire Permanent and flexible work force in order to enhance productivity, quality and helping the company to reduce employment related risk. The services provided by us are:

The services provided by us are

  • HR Management

  • Recruitment

  • Pay Rolling

  • Training

  • HR Management

    FUTURIS has the people, processes and technology you need to help transform global Human Resources management from an administrative function to a powerful, vital and essential part of your business.

    We help our clients achieve business strategy, improve productivity, grow sales, increase profits, control costs, develop employees and create environments where people thrive, business grows and productivity soars. We help build competitive advantage through effective communications, use, alignment and engagement of employee talent.


    Recruitment Process Outsourcing involves FUTURIS acting as a fully outsourced human resource recruitment function to our clients.

    At FUTURIS, we work closely with clients to understand their functional needs and strategically align human capital with business solutions. We provide a full suite of RPO solutions to assist clients in their streamlining process.

    Permanent Staffing

    Futuris adopts a meticulous process in identifying client’s objectives and qualifying candidates before any placement takes place. We are able to focus on the recruitment of talent for any industry and field of work, through our permanent staffing divisions. We have built an enviable reputation for excellence within each market served, operating with absolute discretion, integrity and care and are experts in identifying the highest calibre people for permanent positions.

    Extensive reference checking enables us to select and refer only candidates of the highest calibre ideally matched to your needs.

    FUTURIS offers you recruitment support for permanent positions through the following activities:

    Database Selection:

    We would take on specific selection assignments at middle, junior and senior level positions based on a thorough understanding of the job specifications, organization culture and other critical attributes required for the specific position.

    FUTURIS activities would involve resume aggregation from our databank, validation by way of preliminary interviews and reference checks prior to the presentation of final candidates to the client. We would maintain contact with the candidate/s till such time that they join duty.

    FUTURIS fulfils the client requirements through the profiles available in –house and through the support of our channel partners.

    • Current and large Database.
    • Validated Talent Pool.
    • Strong Technology Support System.
    • Managing process from advertisement to employment.
    • Head Hunting.

    Executive search:

    We would take on specific executive search assignments at senior level based on a thorough understanding of the job specifications, organization culture and other critical attributes required for the specific position.

    These assignments would be handled by our Executive Search team which has excellent network and experience to look for the right candidate for any given role. Our search team would specifically head hunt profiles and submit the same to the organization after preliminary interviews. We also provide referral checks with detailed comments on the candidates’ profiles and maintain contact with the candidate/s till such time that they join duty.

    Advertised Selection:

    We would take on specific advertised positions based on the urgency of the job and provide back-end resources for

    • Co-ordination for advertisement approval.
    • Release of advertisements.
    • Short-listing the resumes.
    • Conducting preliminary interviews.
    • Co-ordinate final interviews.
    • Follow up on joining.
    • Provide a structured MIS report on candidates based
      on resumes received, accepted, rejected and joined.

    This would be for specific positions and not for mass recruitment on a large scale. For advertised positions the cost of the advertisement will be borne upfront by the client.

    Turnkey Recruitment Solutions:

    FUTURIS will do the large-scale recruitment needs of a client through Turnkey Solution. Our time and budget bound approach, which combines database selection, advertised selection and executive search, effectively fulfils the clients requirement. The Process is customized to client needs and covers the following.

    • Resume Validation.
    • Preliminary Screening.
    • Administering Tests.
    • Interview coordination.


    Temping is a co-employment relationship between a Client company, temping company and the Employee.

    This division provides temporary staffing solutions to institutional clients (companies, academic institutions and NGOs). FUTURIS helps clients manage their short - term and long term objectives by establishing a co-employment relationship and taking full responsibility for compliance, administration and HR activities related to all employees on assignment.

    Contract or temporary staffing is a cost-effective way to help companies manage workload demands. FUTURIS has a wide pool of quality candidates ranging from customer service to administration and accounting, etc to help meet those demands.

    FUTURIS works on two models for the Temp Staffing division and Pay rolling.


    Identifying and recruiting candidates based on the client’s requirements and thereon managing the employee’s HR, Admin and regulatory compliances.

    Our Payrolling System

    Payroll outsourcing is a key service that FUTURIS provides for companies who are looking for a reliable HR partner that can work collaboratively with them to manage their internal payroll operations.

    The process of Pay rolling involves transitioning pre-identified employees of the client onto FUTURIS rolls and managing the HR, Admin and Regulatory compliances. Our Payroll Processing Service can take care of all aspects of your Payroll function.

    Futuris supports your organisation with the full range of scalable payroll and HR Management solutions. By outsourcing your payroll administration to FUTURIS, your HR team is able to focus on improving rather than managing existing business operations.

    FUTURIS improves payroll management for employers of all sizes of businesses; our payroll solutions streamline your payroll process, improve accuracy, and simplify administration.

    Through Temping, we provide the following services :

    • Transition of employees identified by the client onto the rolls of FUTURIS.
    • Co-employment relationship between the client, Employee/associates and FUTURIS.
    • Manage HR, Administration, Regulatory and Statutory compliances
    • Contract duration: Short term, Long term and Part time assignments.
    • Option of Absorption on completion of the assignment or extension of the contract.

    Our value-added Payroll services will give you :

    • Time and cost savings on training and re-training.
    • Reduced reliance on your payroll personnel.
    • Elimination of human error due to miscalculations and misspellings.


    Identify the underperformers, train them and drive them towards achievement. This programme has been carefully designed to maximize learning so that the employees can demonstrate superior knowledge and skills to achieve the target. FUTURIS provides a variety of training solutions ideal for management and employee development.

    Employee and leader training to develop needed competencies and skills to create competitive advantage, increase growth and drive business results. Employee training focuses on critical compliance training and important soft skills like customer service, sales, teamwork and communications.